MMM: Maison Martin Margiela’s Men’s Shoe Collection


Known for being a High Fashion Label, you would think Maison Martin Margiela was only “all about the Benjamin’s”. But at the heart of the Maison you will find that they have resisted the idea of commercial success; and that speaks volumes.


Yes, they are a multi million dollar making company and yes they are expensive, (it comes with being a luxury brand). These qualities though, are built on exclusivity, a desire to remain somewhat “invisible” to the masses, and equality within their design team; creating a sense of integrity within the house of Margiela. Making a pair of their shoes within your closet all the more worthwhile. Integrity and creativity is hard to find in a place based on dollars and cents.


The founder himself Martin Margiela, has remained out of the spotlight never taking credit for the brand. As for the designers, they wear all white and never gives personal opinions on the product, instead the Maison’s believe in letting “the wearer define what their designs mean.”


I’m only scratching the surface, but in short, in a industry that will spit you out just as fast as it ate you; I found art and Margiela took that art and turned it into a Million dollar company.

                                                                          Done By Taj Madison
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June 05, 2015 by Threadz Intern

Nike’s “Aloha” Pack



Nike reintroduces their Air Huarache Aloha Pack in three colorful floral prints: Red, Black , & Pink. Air Nike's “Aloha Pack” was originally, exclusively released in the UK in women sizes. The “Aloha Pack’  is now touching down in the U.S.  With its daring and bold coloring, mixed with the floral pattern, the Aloha Pack is a pair of nikes, hard for any sneaker head to resist.

                                                                        Written by Taj

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May 23, 2015 by Threadz Intern


Jetlag is a German based denim company that focuses on detailing with the use of high quality, Italian fabric. Although the brand is new to Threadz, it was established in 1992 introducing interesting accents such as hardware pieces and unique washes to its denim and jackets. The brand was introduced to the US for the first time in 2004 and since then has maintained its top flight quality making it a jet-setting brand to men's fashion. Travel over to Threadz Atlanta @ 1060 St Charles Ave today and come try Jetlag.Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram @threadz_atlanta.



October 31, 2014 by Threadz Intern


American street style brand, Vandal Collective has joined the family of brands here at Threadz. Originating in New Jersey, The Vandal Collective became a powerhouse in the urban street style scene within the first year of its commencement. While based in North America, the label's success has allowed them to branch off into the UK, making them their second largest demographic. The brand concentrates heavily on their ability to blend the elements of the skater and surfer street styles seamlessly. Maintaining this mixture of aesthetics in their collections has allowed them to accommodate people who take on several different lifestyles. Here at Threadz are pieces from Vandal Collective's Fall 2014 collection. You can shop the collection here on the website or come by and see the garments in person. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @threadz_atlanta to stay updated on more collections that will be featured.






[Vandal Collective Hoodie $85.00]

[Vandal Collective Navajo Print Button Down $80.00]


October 21, 2014 by Threadz Intern

Fall Trends 2014- Outerwear


This season fashion is taking work wear to the streets. From industrial to sports wear there's a move toward a luxe look. Your jackets turn into wax coated, dark and sleek denim. Your hoodies change into clean cut, over-sized solid colored versatile outerwear pieces to wear to the gym, or just to hang out. You will also see more vintage military flight jackets and bright, graphic prints to be paired with solid bottoms or, more print!  Stay in style this fall with Threadz, carrying the hottest trends this season. You will find many of these trends and styling ideas by following us on twitter and instagram @threadz_atlanta or visiting the store location 1060 St.Charles Ave Atlanta, GA 30306.



October 11, 2014 by Threadz Intern


Fall is here and there are so many new and reoccurring trends to use. Here, we show you some of our latest products that will keep you stylish this season. 
One of the main reasons people love the colder seasons is for the outerwear. This season, the traditional dark colors are still in affect when it comes to outerwear. Last season, the most popular piece of outerwear was the bomber jacket. This season, there is more variety. The hoodie is making a comeback with unique details. The denim jacket is also gaining popularity as well. Another trend this Fall are the joggers. This piece took over the street style scene this summer and is rolling over into the Autumn season. Designers are having more fun with the style and elements of joggers, playing with texture like the waxed denim joggers featured below. For more insight on what we have in store for the Fall season, come and visit us at 1060 St. Charles. Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA or follow us on Instagram & Twitter @threadz_atlanta. 
Civil Clothing Hoodie / Cult of Individuality Denim Jacket / Control Sector Bomber Jacket


Silence Is Golden Joggers / PRPS Joggers
October 09, 2014 by Threadz Intern



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October 08, 2014 by Threadz Intern

A3C ATL 2014


Don’t miss A3C (All 3 Coasts) Festival this weekend October 8th through the 12th. This festival has been going since 2005, celebrating Hip Hop culture and its influence on music, education, art, film, style, pro-audio and more. More than five hundred of your favorite artists will be in attendance, there will be speakers and panel discussions, sixty shows, screenings, and a block party. Ticket sales end October 11th, so be sure you don’t miss out on this dope experience. Our owner, Junior Fils, will be speaking on the Unhemmed: Business of Fashion panel Friday the 10th @ 2pm at Artist Center #TupacRM. Join him as he shares his knowledge from 17+ years of retail experience.Visit for more information and remember to follow us on instagram and twitter @threadz_atlanta.




October 08, 2014 by Threadz Intern

"The Vault" featured in Hustle Gang's newest video "Chosen"

T.I. and his Hustle Gang movement have been sweeping the industry thus far with consistent quality work. To keep that stride going Hustle Gang recently released their newest video “Chosen” featuring T.I., B.o.B. & Spodee. Also, featured in the video is our store Threadz Atlanta, which was used in several scenes throughout. The video takes place in “The Vault” an extension of the store hidden behind a revolving door. “The Vault” is where we house all of our luxury items and is where our customers come to get styled by one of our stylist. Which is what takes place during the video, T.I. and B.O.B. arrive at Threadz to get styled in a more sophisticated look. Watch the video below and visit Threadz to get styled!

June 10, 2014 by Jemel Campbell

Rising artist "Wave Chapelle" of "CMG" Meet and Greet held at Threadz!

At Threadz we get a lot of store traffic due to our reputation of carrying the best streetwear and luxury fashion. But an event this past Wednesday brought an even massive crowd to our store outside of clothing. All courtesy to Wave Chapelle apart of Yo Gotti’s “CMG” who held his meet and greet here at the store. Alongside him, DJ Smalls hosted the event and 20 Grand Vodka provided complimentary drinks. The turn out was amazing to say the least, with a lot people showing up to support the upcoming artist. This is not the first time we utilized the store for such events and all have been a great success. To visit the store to shop or discuss any business proposals to utilize the store, we are located @ 1060 St. Charles Ave. NE, Atlanta, GA.


June 10, 2014 by Jemel Campbell