MMM: Maison Martin Margiela’s Men’s Shoe Collection


Known for being a High Fashion Label, you would think Maison Martin Margiela was only “all about the Benjamin’s”. But at the heart of the Maison you will find that they have resisted the idea of commercial success; and that speaks volumes.


Yes, they are a multi million dollar making company and yes they are expensive, (it comes with being a luxury brand). These qualities though, are built on exclusivity, a desire to remain somewhat “invisible” to the masses, and equality within their design team; creating a sense of integrity within the house of Margiela. Making a pair of their shoes within your closet all the more worthwhile. Integrity and creativity is hard to find in a place based on dollars and cents.


The founder himself Martin Margiela, has remained out of the spotlight never taking credit for the brand. As for the designers, they wear all white and never gives personal opinions on the product, instead the Maison’s believe in letting “the wearer define what their designs mean.”


I’m only scratching the surface, but in short, in a industry that will spit you out just as fast as it ate you; I found art and Margiela took that art and turned it into a Million dollar company.

                                                                          Done By Taj Madison
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